Doctors and Researchers

CNCF Funded Research

Dr. Giselle Sholler, Helen DeVos Hospital/NMTRC                                
  -Targeting COMT in neuroblastoma with Tolcapone

Dr. Jason Shohet, Baylor College of Medicine                                      
   -Single cell RNA-sequencing of Neuroblastoma Cancer stem Cells:
A piolot study to define sensitivity to epigenetic inhibitors.

University of Chicago/Comer Children's Hospital                                  
   -Family support for children going through MIBG treatment

University of Chicago                                                                            
   -International Database Support

   -Phase I/II study of PF-06463922 inhibitor of ALK/ROS1 for patients
with ALK driven relapsed or refactory neuroblastoma

   -General Support & Research

Dr. Ting Tao:     Dana Farber Cancer Institute                                      
   -The Role of ARID1A in neuroblastoma tumorigenesis
Dr. Bilal Omer:  Baylor College of Medicine                                          
   -Improving immune cell trafficking to neuroblastoma with “scout cells

Dr. Jason Shohet:  Baylor College of Medicine                                      
   -Analysis of p53 responses and regulation by G-CSFin neuroblastoma cancer stem cell subpopulations.
Dr. Julie Park:  Seattle Children’s Hospital                                             
   -MIBG Scoring Project: COGA3973 and SIOPEN-NBL-1
 Dr. Sam Volchenboum: Comer Children’s Hospital                               
   -“The MYCN Oncogene: Providing Insight to Improved Diagnostic Stratification,
Therapeutic Evaluation, and Novel Treatment Design for High-Risk Neuroblastoma.”

   -Travel grant for MIBG Scoring Project
MIBG Scoring Project: COGA3973 and SIOPEN-NBL-1
Dr. Eveline Barbieri. Baylor College of Medicine                                   
   -A novel therapeutic approach to p53 wild type Neuroblastoma: Sestrin
2 mediated inhibition of the PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathway
Dr. Qiwei Yang, University of Illinois, Chicago                                       
   -DNMT3B7-mediated epigenetic alteration and anti-tumorigenic effect in neuroblastoma
Dr. Yibing Xu, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles                                     
   -Natural Killer Cell Based Immunotherapy of Neuroblastoma
Dr. Susan Cohn, University of Chicago                                                 
   -Interactive International Neuroblastoma Information Network
Dr. Susan Cohn, University of Chicago                                                 
   -Genome-wide Analysis of Favorable Stage Neuroblastoma with MYCN Amplification
Dr. Nai-Kong Cheung, Memorial Sloan Kettering                                   
   -Humanized 3F8 Research
Dr. Heidi Russell, Texas Children’s Hospital                                          
   -Pepi Trial
Metin Gurcan PhD, Ohio State University                                              
   -Computer aided prognosis of Neuroblastoma
Dr. Kelly Goldsmith, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia                        
   -Polymine Depletion Strategies in Neuroblastoma
Dr. Eugene Kim, Baylor College of Medicine                                         
   -The Role of MDM2 in Tumor Angiogenesis in Neuroblastoma
Dr. Hong Xu, Memorial Sloan Kettering                                                 
   -B7H3: An Immunological Target for Neuroblastoma
Dr. Barry Mauerer, Texas Tech University                                              
Purchase of Fenretinide
Drs. Seeger/Reynolds, Children’s Hospital LA                                       
   -Private donation
Dr. Susan Cohn, University of Chicago                                                 
   -Genome Wide
Dr. Cynthia van Golen, Delaware State University                                
   -Therapeutic Efficacy of Agents Targeting the IGF-IR in Human Neuroblastoma
Dr. Elizabeth Beierle, University of Florida/                                            
University of Alabama, Birmingham
   -Focal Adhesion Kinase and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Receptor-3 in Neuroblastoma
Dr. Tasnim Ara, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles                                   
   -Contribution of Bone Marrow Microenvironment to Neuroblastoma Chemoresistance and Tumor Progression
Dr. Alexandre Chlenski, University of Chicago                                       
   -SPARC-derived peptides for the treatment of Neuroblastoma
Dr. Kristina Cole, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia                             
   -siRNA Inhibition of the Protein Kinome in Neuroblastoma
Dr. Nai-Kong Cheung, Memorial Sloan Kettering                                  
Sonia Hernandez, Columbia University                                                  
   -Notch Signaling Pathway and VEGF Blockade in Neuroblastoma
Dr. Jason Shohet, Baylor College of Medicine                                       
   -MYCN-regulated MicroRNA Expression in Neuroblastoma
Drs. Seeger/Reynolds, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles                   
   -Private donation
Dr. Edward Attiyeh, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia                         
   -Genetic basis of aggressive neuroblastoma
Dr. Louis Chesler, University of CA, San Francisco                              
   -Proteomic analysis of serum from children with neuroblastoma  
Dr. Radoslaw Zagoadzon, Beth Israel Deaconess                                  
   -Studies on the role of CHK Kinase on Neuroblastoma