Bryson Palmer

    Bryson was 4 months old when he came down with a respiratory infection, during that first week he lost a lot of weight and starting vomitting once or twice a day. As the respiratory symptoms faded the vomitting continued almost everyday. He had also started being a little more cranky for the happy content baby he usually was and grew pale. We brought him back to the doctor 4 times during that 4 weeks. 
    Finally on January 28th, 2009 the pediatrician decided to admit Bryson for IV hydration. During the assessment with the doctor at the hospital, something hard was felt on the right side of Bryson's abdomen. He went down for a CT scan that night and we received news that would forever change our lives. Bryson had a large tumor attached to his right kidney and starting to cross midline. In the following few days we had a biopsy which came back with the diagnosis of neuroblastoma stage 3, as the pathology of the tumor came back we were placed into the high risk category for the tumor being N-MYC amplified.

    Our little just 5 month old baby was now given a 30% chance of survival. Since the diagnosis Bryson has had 7 rounds of chemo (one under intermediate risk protocol until we switched to highrisk) surgery for tumor and right kidney removal, 2 stem cell transplants, 12 radiation treatments, 5 rounds of chimeric antibody, and 6 rounds of oral retnoic acid. We had 3 blood stream infections, one which almost took his life last March. Bryson finished his rigourous year and a half of treatment in July 2010. 

    He is now running and playing like a happy 2 year old should. All you have to do it meet him once and he has your heart forever!

By: Katie Palmer (Bryson's mom)