Carlie Raye Edgington

Carlie Raye Edgington
May 8, 2001 – February 2, 2008
Forever Our Raye of Sunshine
Carlie entered our lives a 10 pound, 22”, beautiful baby girl. She was no “little” baby and never wanted to be called “little”. She let very few of us call her a nickname. She told people “I’m just Carlie!” She was confident, strong willed, usually knew exactly what she wanted and how to negotiate to get it, always spoke her mind and most people usually knew exactly where they stood with Carlie. She enjoyed school and was a quick learner. Carlie loved to play board games, video games, Barbie dolls, and dress-up with her friends. She loved art, dance, horses, skating, riding bikes, playing at the park, swimming and boating.  She also just enjoyed hanging out with family, friends and her dog, Rocco. Carlie was a member of Fellowship of The Woodlands and was baptized in August 2007.
In April of 2005, we received the devastating news that Carlie had Neuroblastoma cancer. It was a tough treatment plan and the long-term prognosis was not good, but we were ready for the fight. Nearly three years later, that fight came to an end. Throughout all the hospital stays, tests, scans, medicines, and pokes, Carlie showed tremendous courage and strength. Whenever there was a change in treatment plan, she took it all in stride and did exactly what she needed to do. We are so proud of her! She never felt sorry for herself and did not want her life to be all about cancer. She went about her everyday life as normal as possible, doing all the things she loved to do. Although Carlie lived a short life, it was full of fun, love and lots of hugs and kisses! Carlie had beautiful blue eyes, dimples and a smile that could light up a room. We miss her every moment of every day. She will always be our Hero!
We love you Carlie!
Dad, Mom, Lexie, and Anthony