Clayton Kendall

By Jim Kendall

In June of 2009 our lives changed forever. We found out our 2 year old son had Stage 3 Neuroblastoma and was considered high risk.  He had a tumor about the size of a baseball between his kidney and bladder.  Over the next several months the doctors aggressively attacked his tumor with the strongest chemo’s they could give a two year old.   In October they determined that the tumor had stopped shrinking and after much debate they decided to do surgery to remove the tumor. There was a good chance that part of his surgery would include him losing his kidney.  It took a neurologist, urologist and a pediatric general surgeon to perform our son’s surgery.  His surgery lasted 11 ½ hours but they were able to remove the entire tumor and they did not have to remove his kidney.  He spent over a week in ICU and did not walk for almost two months after his surgery.  After taking all their biopsies and doing all the other tests on the tumor the doctors where surprised to see that the cancer was completely gone and that the tumor was benign!!  Our little warrior was cancer free!! The doctors decided to do some follow up treatments just to be sure that there wasn’t anything the scans where not picking up. 

Our son is still cancer free and the doctors are very optimistic he will make a full recovery. 

He is happy, healthy and doing great!!