Erin’s Story
We were blessed with the birth our beautiful baby girl, Erin, on January 26th, 2006. She was a welcomed addition and completed our family from the start. Erin was perfect in every way and brought nothing but smiles to our face!  Who knew that our journey through parenthood would lead us through such a devastating path. Throughout her infancy, Erin experienced several unexplained fevers, vomiting, rashes, nose bleeds, night sweats, and poor appetite. This was always attributed to viral infections by her pediatrician. Finally, in July of 2008, Erin completely refrained from eating which led us to the pediatrician’s office once again. We were quickly referred to our local hospital upon examination and shortly after we heard the dreaded words – “Your daughter has Neuroblastoma.” After various tests, we found out that not only did our baby girl have cancer, she had Stage IV Neuroblastoma. We were devastated, however, prepared for a long and hard fight to win this battle. Erin endured numerous rounds of high dose chemotherapy, 4 major surgeries (1 of which was deemed life threatening), countless minor surgeries, external beam radiation, intraoperative radiation, 2 stem cell transplants, countless infections, months of hospitalizations, and countless scans to beat this monster. She also survived Veno Occlusive Disease - a rare and often deadly complication during transplant. Erin suffered pain that no child – no human being - should endure. She completed treatment in May of 2010. Today, we are blessed yet again, to have our beautiful daughter home and healthy. Erin is now 5.5 years old and is set to start Kindergarten in September. Our daughter is not only our blessing. She is our miracle. Now, I can only pray that this monster NEVER comes back and a cure for this vicious disease is found to keep all our children here, with us, where they belong.