Hans Weberling

By Lara Cady Weberling

Hans was an active, joyful, and fearless 3 year old before his Stage IV HighRisk Neuroblastoma sidelined him from a 'normal' childhood. While undergoing frontline treatment, Hans lost both adrenal glands in surgeries. His adrenals were encompassed with tumor, and this single side effect of his initial treatment is life-threatening in and of itself.

Hans has relapsed twice now since initial therapy. He has never had a break in getting treatment, and as I write this, he has been in treatment for half of his young life. He is now six and a half years old.

Since Hans' diagnosis, our fight against this disease has truly become the organizing factor of our lives. We travel for treatments on new Clinical Trials, we do little fundraisers for the CNCF. We try to enjoy each day and live in the moment.

Hans rarely complains about the procedures he endures, and never complains about the things he misses out on. He is a truly happy kid. He loves animals. He thinks like an engineer and loves toys he can build again and again. Like many six year olds, he plays video games, watches tv, and listens to music. He actually believes he can never have too many toys. He both plays with and fights with his older sister. He is a great dancer! Since his current chemotherapy supresses his blood counts, he is being schooled at home through a home-bound program.

We have great hope and faith in the research discoveries that are yet to be made on treating this disease. We are blessed and privileged to be Hans' parents. Every day with him is an adventure. Every day with him is a gift.