Keegan Dixson

Keegan was born 4/27/09, he was baby B of a set of twin boys.  Wonderful pregnancy, no issues.  Keegan was born seemingly healthy.  At around a month old we noticed something was off.  His tummy was getting bloated, we thought it was gas, switched his formula and it didn't help.  At his 2 month appointment I pleaded with his pediatrician to do tests because I knew something was wrong.  The Doctor brushed it off and said Keegan had a hernia but it would go away so he wasn't concerned, and that his very badly bloated stomach was due to gas.  I did not like this answer.  Anyone who saw Keegan knew something was wrong! On July 11th 2009 I took Keegan to the local ER.  There the Doctor did an X-ray and CT scan, he said Keegan's liver was enlarged and he had no idea why was just going to send us straight to the University of Missouri Children's Hospital.  So Keegan was taken there by ER.  The Doctor's could find nothing wrong with him, other than the enlarged liver.  On July 31st when Keegan had just turned 3 months old they did a liver biopsy and confirmed that Keegan had Neuroblastoma 4S, it had begun in his adrenal gland and had spread to his liver. They monitored Keegan closely from August until October.  In October 2009 scans showed the primary tumor was growing again and he had to have surgery on Oct. 30th 09', on Nov. 9th he began the first of 4 cycles of Chemo.  He was done with chemo in January 2010 and all looked good so he was taken off treatment in Feb.  Scans since then have been great, and he is currently No Evidence of Disease. 

By: Mahala Dixson (Keegan's mom)