CNCF Hero Wes Pak

Wes was born in Newport News, VA two weeks early on December 21, 2005. He is a fun-loving, intelligent, and compassionate young boy with the faith like no other. He enjoys soldiers, star wars, and anything involving animals/bugs. He became a big brother on March 13, 2011. He enjoys playing with his two chihuahuas (Marley and Mixie) and his kitty, Mia.

Up until June 24, 2011 Wes was an extremly h...ealthy boy, hardly even having as much as an ear infection. Shortly after graduating preschool in May 2011 he began to feel abdominal pain and his appetite grew smaller and smaller. After being told it was constipation, we took him in to his pediatrician two weeks later. An x-ray revealed a mass of some kind in his left abdomen, and we were soon sent to CHKD in Norfolk, VA. There we were informed our five year old son had a large mass in his left side that had been pushing on all of his inside organs causing him to feel full. They named it stage 3 high risk neuroblastoma. Today Wes has begun his fight with cancer, and is kicking butt!

This new path we are about to start on is going to be new territory, but I know with our trust in God everything will be okay. Currently we are a one income family, but have currently been out of work to take care of our sweet boy. I have faith that everything will work out!

Why my son is a hero -

To me a hero is someone that inspires and motivates others to carry on even when the odds are against them. My little boy, Wes, has always been a hero, even before falling ill. Ever since a young toddler he has been loving, compassionate, and an amazing believer in God. At just four years old his heart broke for his little friend as he requested prayer for her mother to be healed from alchoholism. I had never witnessed a child so young that laid hands on someone and truly believed in his heart that God was going to take care of them until I watched my son. He provided encouragement to many when others just could not find the words. His faith still has not stopped even though just two weeks ago he was diagnosed with stage 3 high risk neuroblastoma. Despite the needles, transfusions, chemo, and medication, he pushes forward. While his tumor takes up the majority of the left side bringing pain and causing him not to eat, he still manages to keep a smile on his face and laughter in the air. If he can smile despite his illness, why can't we? Wes' strength gives me the will to move forward.
He is my inspiration, my motivation, my hero.

Krista Pak (Wes' mom)