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Year End Appeal
Dear Family, Friends and Supporters of CNCF,

As I sit here and see all of the appeal letters and emails that have come across my desk, I realize how hard it is for nonprofit organizations to raise funds for their cause.  There are so many worthwhile foundations to support including other children's cancer causes, hospitals and doctors.

We were fortunate to be selected as an Unsung Hero organization several years ago by BMO Harris Bank and WGN TV.  I went to the awards ceremony and almost wanted to quit ours so I could help all of the others.

Being one of the wealthiest countries in the world, it still astounds me today that there is so much need out there in the United States.
Sadly, children stricken with neuroblastoma are in that group.  They need us to give 'til it hurts so they do not.  They need us to rally around them and be their voice because so many are too young to speak.

When will they see the higher cure rates that many of the other children's cancer groups have?  They may never if we do not make a decision today to change that.  When CNCF says Hope Unites Us, it is not just uniting the neuroblastoma families together; it is uniting all of us together for a common goal - finding a cure for neuroblastoma.  We are not just another children's cancer, we are neuroblastoma cancer!

That is our focus, that is our goal and that will not change.  Please Help us let the world know about this disease.  We urge you to put the dollars where the need is, NEUROBLASTOMA!

Too many babies are waiting right this minute for us to do our part. CNCF will be there for them.  We hope you will too.
Thank you for your donation and support of children with neuroblastoma cancer.
Pat Tallungan