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NB Conference 2004
The 3rd Children’s Neuroblastoma Conference, 2004, was a tremendous success. Over 200 parents and grandparents attended this year’s program. Again we have to thank the Kemper Educational and Charitable Fund for the grant to make it all possible.
We want to especially thank the dedicated group of doctors who work so hard to unravel the mysteries of this disease and who study the emotional and psychological effects of families touched by cancer and how to cope with losing a child. Their commitment to our children, parents, brothers and sisters and extended family has not gone unnoticed.
The impressive list of guest speakers included:
Dr. Audrey Evans, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Dr. C. Patrick Reynolds, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
Dr. Charles Sklar, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Dr. Robert Seeger, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
Dr. Heidi Russell, Texas Children’s Hospital
Dr. Michael Jensen, City of Hope
Dr. Clarke Anderson, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
Dr. Doug Strother, Alberta Children’s Hospital
Dr. Steven Hirschfeld, Food & Drug Administration
Dr. Michael Pranzatelli, Southern Illinois University, School of Medicine
Melissa Alderfer, PhD, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Dr. Brian Delaney, Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Dr. Aurora Sanfeliz, Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Ms. Melanie Goldish, SuperSibs
Mr. Richard Noose, Neuroblastoma Survivor
The topics for the conference covered low, intermediate and high risk treatment options; long term side effects; OMS and neuroblastoma; T-cell and vaccine therapy treatments; a new study on bone metastases; the emotional effects of having a child with cancer; taking care of the siblings of children with cancer; the grieving process and a survivor’s story of life after neuroblastoma.  
A very special thank you goes out to Kenna Anderson and Candy Daly for organizing the Kids Room activities for 80 children. And to all of the wonderful volunteers who participated in caring for the kids, including Dina Kapani - Make a Wish Foundation,  Sandy Ring - Super Sibs,  Marilyn Rabb Foundation,  Noreen O'Connor and friends, Chevelle Bailey - Uhlich Children's Advantage Network and Ann Folan and friends. 
I know they were tired!
And thank you to:
Mike Mauthe, our stiltwalker, balloon maker.
Jennifer Kwasinski, for all the posters of the children.
Sean McKeown, WGN-TV cameraman for volunteering his time to videotape the children in the Kids Room.
Colby Cashiola, Hyatt convention manager for making it a perfect event.
Andrew Hardt, Windy City Mobile DJs 
Jill Norton, Photographer
Jim Monroe from Connie’s Pizza for their donation of food at our pizza party.
And thank you to our financial supporters:
Children’s Memorial Hospital, Division of Hematology/Oncology, Chicago
An Anonymous Donor of $5,000 for financial assistance to bring additional families to the conference.
The Barton Faber Family