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Bake sales’ sweet success helps pay for research

A pre-Valentine’s Day bake sale hosted by supporters in Houston at Texas Children’s Hospital brought in $1,815 for CNCF. One of the organizers, Charon Edgington, described the day as “heartwarming.”“

A number of parents of current patients stopped by and shared their stories with us as well and were happy to support our cause,” Charon said. “Thank you to everyone who was able to help this time. Your time and efforts are very much appreciated.”

The Houston bake sales, held twice a year, continue to be one of the most successful fundraisers for CNCF. In fact, proceeds from the bake and lanyard sales contributed to funding of a $100,000 research grant for Dr. Eveline Barbieri at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. 

“The bake sale is one of the oldest forms of fundraising for local causes, but our Houston moms prove time and again that it hasn’t gone out of style,” said CNCF President Pat Tallungan. “I want to thank Charon and Jennifer Pigott for taking the lead and maintaining this awesome fundraising tradition for us.”

Stay tuned for information about the Back-to-School bake Sale, which will be held in early September. In the meantime, supporters can donate to CNCF by clicking “Donate Now” at, or by visiting our virtual parks Web site at and showing support for a child with neuroblastoma.