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NB Survivor Records Song to Support CNCF

Johnny L 1


Johnny Losurdo could be one of the youngest cancer victims ever. In fact, he recalls being told of a newspaper headline that said as much after he was diagnosed with Stage IV neuroblastoma at 4 weeks. Unimaginable to Johnny, even now, that a tumor was removed from his chest as a newborn.  “Luckily, I’m blessed and don’t remember that,” said the West Chicago resident who battled cancer for the next five to six years. He’s been in remission for 10.

Now, 16 and a gifted lyricist and hip hop artist, Johnny said he wanted to do something to support other kids, like him, who’ve spent a good part of their childhood in the hospital.  “Fearless” was born, a song Johnny wrote about his battle with cancer to inspire others to keep fighting. Johnny, who recorded the song under  “JohnnyL,”  is donating proceeds from the sale of the song to CNCF.  It can be purchased on iTunes for 99 cents and thevideo can be seen on YouTube.

Johnny was thinking about ways he could give back when,  “My dad was listening to sports radio and he heard about the Allie and Friends Golf Outing and CNCF. We called Pat (Tallungan) and she invited us there and that’s where it all started happening.”

Johnny’s love of music goes back to 3rd grade when he began teaching himself how to play piano. His interest piqued again in freshman year, and he began writing and recording songs in a friend’s basement.  Later, he’d stumble upon a multimedia recording studio, where he met producer Joe Lee, who wrote the music for  “Fearless;” Johnny penned the lyrics.

Johnny’s parents gave him money to make the video, which was also recorded and mixed at the studio. “Fearless” successfully blends storytelling, poetic prose and an edgy performance that brings to mind artists like Usher and Justin Timberlake. Johnny did all his own choreography. 

Johnny was recently featured in the Kane County Chronicle and interviewed on Old Grumpy Radio. He continues to deal with the long-term effects of the disease.  A year ago, he had his gall bladder removed due to complications from scar tissue from his cancer fight. Johnny plans to pursue a solo music career as a freestyle hip hop artist. “Fearless” has opened opportunities for Johnny to perform, and he’s in talks with a renowned Chicago chef to throw a fundraiser for CNCF.

Asked what inspires his lyrics: “It all comes from the heart. I’m not that typical rapper that talks about money. Ilike to inspire.”

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