Insurance question


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11-12-08 09:47 AM
Insurance question

Does anyone have experience with living in more than one state during treament and federal medicaid coverage?  My understanding is that under the Katie beckett Law, my son got medicaid due to his "disability" (NB).  This means that he is not supposed to have a lapse in coverage wherever he goes.  The federal Medicaid is distributed by the state govt however, and they have diff policies as to what they will cover.  GA Medicaid didn't approve proton radiation for my son in FL, but we hired an advocacy lawyer and got it appealed and approved in the end, b/c she threatened to take them to fed'l court for not abiding by the "Katie beckett" law.  Now, we were advised to go up to MSK for antibody treatment, and they denied the request.  I'm having trouble getting the appeal to move quickly enough and I can't get in touch with the lawyer who helped us before.

I'm looking to move to NY and establish residency there (my mom lives there) so I can get this antibody treatment for my son, and go on NY Medicaid.  The things is, antibody treatment protocol is only 1 wk out of the month and I have three other young'uns at home I'd miss terribly if I had to stay in NY for the full 5 months of treatment (which would be necessary if I had to give up my GA Medicaid).

Any advice??


mom to Menschi (stage 4 NB)