Ostreocin-D Impact on Globular Actin of Intact Cells.


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01-22-09 08:33 AM
Ostreocin-D Impact on Globular Actin of Intact Cells.
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Ostreocin-D Impact on Globular Actin of Intact Cells.

Chem Res Toxicol. 2009 Jan 20;

Authors: Ares IR, Cagide E, Louzao MC, Espiña B, Vieytes MR, Yasumoto T, Botana LM

Ostreocin-D, discovered in the past decade, is a marine toxin produced by dinoflagellates. It shares structure with palytoxin, a toxic compound responsible for the seafood intoxication named clupeotoxism. At the cellular level, the action sites and pharmacological effects for ostreocin-D are still almost unknown. Previously, we demonstrated that these toxins change the filamentous actin cytoskeleton, which is essential for multiple cellular functions. However, nothing has yet been reported about what happens with the unpolymerized actin pool. Here (i) the effects induced by ostreocin-D on unpolymerized actin, (ii) the Ca(2+) role in such a process, and (iii) the cytotoxic activity of ostreocin-D on the human neuroblastoma BE(2)-M17 cell line are shown for the first time. Fluorescently labeled DNase I was used for staining of monomeric actin prior to detection with both laser-scanning cytometry and confocal microscopy techniques. Cellular viability was tested through a microplate metabolic activity assay. Ostreocin-D elicited a rearrangement of monomeric actin toward the nuclear region. This event was not accompanied by changes in its content. In addition, the presence or absence of external Ca(2+) did not change these results. This toxin was also found to cause a decrease in the viability of neuroblastoma cells, which was inhibited by the specific blocker of Na(+)/K(+)-ATPase, ouabain. All these responses were comparable to those obtained with palytoxin under identical conditions. The data suggest that ostreocin-D modulates the unassembled actin pool, activating signal transduction pathways not related to Ca(2+) influx in the same way as palytoxin.

PMID: 19154108 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]