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01-24-09 01:40 PM
I'mlooking for people that have been on ABT-751. I have a few questionsthat I cannot figure out from the data from the company. My son Nathanis 6 yrs old. He is in the middle of round 8 of ABT-751 and it ishaving a tremendous impact on his disease load. There is significantreduction so far.
I'm wondering if there are any other patientsout there that faired as well. Did ABT-751 continue to keep the diseasedown? or did the neurobalstoma eventually get hold again and come back? How long did this take?
I'm trying to get an idea of how much time I have before I need to choose his next treatment.

Any ABT-751 stories would be greatly appreciated.


01-26-09 09:15 AM
Re: ABT-751

Nathan's response is incredible.  Over the years I haveheard of several children on ABT-751. Many of them achieved diseasestability for long periods of time but I don't recall any which hadsuch dramatic impacts on disease as Nathan.  Most of the people that Iam aware of that had responses to the drug remained stable fromanywhere from 10 months to almost 2 years before seeing someprogression.  I am sure there were others with responses, I just didnot know of them.  The kids that I can think of that had some of theseresponses were Christi Thomas, Anna O'Connor(www.annabanana.org), Will Lacey(www.willlacey.com), and Brandon Koontz (www.caringbridge.org/nc/brandonkIf)

I hope that helps.

With hope,