You gave us hope, we want to give it back


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02-17-09 11:18 PM
You gave us hope, we want to give it back

On May 15th, 2007, (The worst day of my life) my babysister's only child at 15 months was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. The mass has unfortunately crossed the midline encompassing the Aorta and the mesenteric arterty. which made things much more diifficult we were told. Stage 4. They put in what I thought was going to be the worst thing, in fact I still hate the name just because it was so intrusive to us 'Broviak' I mean God, she was only 15 months, but that actually proved to be a lifesend, a way to administer without having to 'stick' each time and truly give what that litte body needed. We started with 8 weeks of chemo hoping for surgery, but we needed 'another round' which broke our hearts as it was around the holidays and she actually went through it very well , we were ready , but they said the tumor had to be shrunk more. so another 8 weeks and then we cancelled Thanksgiving as noone was in the mood and had the surgery 11/29/2007.  Dr. Farmer performed the sugery at UCSF in San Francisco, she was amazing and I think if you Google her, you will see why. she called out within 1.5 hours of a 10 hour surgery and said she 'had it'. This Neuroblastoma tumor she got still had Aortic and mesenteric involvement even after 2 8 week rounds of chemo and was termed very difficult. Our little girl came out of this cancer free. We just celebrated her 3rd birthday 2-17, and she's doing great. She's a normal little girl, she's healthy. She goes back for scans every 3 months (blood) and every 6 months MRI. Thank you also to Dr. Luna-Fineman at CPMC in San Francisco. she's sliding down the slide at the playground and we all have gray hairs.  LOL

God Bless you all, we know your pain, but there is hope and our prayers are with you , there is light, just hold strong.