What are the benefits of the ch14.18 antibody?


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03-11-09 11:04 AM
What are the benefits of the ch14.18 antibody?
The benefit of the ch14.18 antibody is that it has been shown in laboratory studies to be just as effective at targeting neuroblastoma cells as its murine counter parts.  Ch14.18 has even been shown to induce lysis of neuroblastoma cells through the process of ADCC and CDC better than its murine counterpart.  Finally, ch14.18 has been shown to remain longer in the human body.  More humanized versions of the 14.18 antibody have been developed as well.  The hu14.18 antibody is approximately 98% human and even less immunogenic.  The hope is that the humanized version will be able to build on the benefits of the ch14.18 successes while not losing any of the antibody?s effectiveness.