Need help, how to give accutane through ng tube???


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03-11-09 03:40 PM
Need help, how to give accutane through ng tube???


MY 5 yr son is going through the treatment for neuroblastoma. Next week we r starting the Accutane capsules.
He is very very reluctant of taking any medicine through mouth, we use his ng tube for all his meds. But as i had looked through
different posts regarding giving accutane to kids it seems very critical that the full dose of medicine should go in for it to work best.

I am concerned that if i draw the liquid and put it throgh his ng would he get his required dose? and would it be that effective as taking the whole capsule by mouth? if anyone could help us out that would be great!!!




03-11-09 04:41 PM
Re: Need help, how to give accutane through ng tube???

 I don't know whether you read the article but the handbook covers the subject of coping with accutane pretty well.  Here is an excerpt that deals with GI Tubes:

Can Accutane be given through a G-tube? Some parents have administered Accutane through their child?sG-tube.  The concern here is to makecertain the Accutane gets through the tube without sticking to the sides, andto use a carrier which does not prevent the Accutane?s absorption by the GItrack. Some parents have suggested that fatty meals or vegetable oil is a goodcarrier, and that mineral oil is not a good carrier.  The fear was that since mineral oil is notbeing absorbed by the intestine and the Accutane is dissolved well in it, themineral oil may serve as a carrier that will take the Accutane out of the bodyand prevent the Accutane?s absorption by the GI track. 

One parent"primed" the tube with half a ml of oil, then pushed the Accutane andfinally flushed with 5-10 ml of slightly warmed milk (suggested by the parent?shospital pharmacist, since it helps with absorption).  Another parent mixed the Accutane with about5 cc's of flax seed oil.

There does notappear to be any ?official? advice on the best way to administer Accutanethrough a G-tube.  The above is what someparents have done, and their children got the standard side effects, suggestingthe child was getting a sufficient dosage. However, you should discuss this with your oncologist.   

This can be found in the handbook here:

If all else fails let me know and I can put you in touch with Dr. Patrick Reynolds.  If anyone knows how to deal with this he does.

With hope,





03-11-09 05:15 PM
Re: Need help, how to give accutane through ng tube???

Thanks Mark !

Shruti eshan's mom

 ( Eshan 5 yrs old diagnosed on 4th july 2008 - Neuroblastoma n-amyc amlified)

04-03-09 08:28 PM
Re: Need help, how to give accutane through ng tube???

our hospital told us not to give it through the ng tube

my daughter usually chews them and swallows the "juice" in it

 unfortunately, sometimes it's a real nightmare and she can take up to an hour+ to chew 3 pills... only to throw up 10 min after and we have to start all over...

 I will read the documentation, thanks for the link

 very happy I am not the only one in this situation