Use your computer to fight neuroblastoma.


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03-17-09 06:35 AM
Use your computer to fight neuroblastoma.

Today IBM announced the Help Fight Childhood Cancer project, an initiative which utilizes the computational power from volunteers' computers ( to identify which of the 3 million potential drug candidates prohibit the growth of three proteins (TrkB, ALK and SCxx) believed to be key in the progression of neuroblastoma. World Community Gridwill conduct complex chemistry simulations of the drug candidates to seewhich ones bond to TrkB, ALK and SCxx, so that those can be tested furtherin the laboratory. All results will be made available to the generalscientific community to advance the field of cancer biology and drugdiscovery.

We have the potential to find a drug treatment for neuroblastoma, andit's the volunteers who sign up to allow their computers to be usedcoupled with innovative grid technology that can make the difference.Signing up with World Community Grid is an easy and free way to joinalmost a million devices around the world being used to helpresearchers join the fight against cancer.

To become of member of World Community Grid and donate unused computer time, individuals register on www.worldcommunitygrid.organd install a free, small, secure software program onto theircomputers. When computers are idle, data is requested from WorldCommunity Grid's server. These computers then perform the computations,and send the results back to the server, prompting it for a new pieceof work. A screen saver will tell individuals when their computers arebeing used.

Please sign up and help make a difference in your computer's spare time. 

Read the complete release here.