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1308 Chicago/CMH


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1308 Travel Guide to CMH

Travel Guide: Chicago, IL


Children?s MemorialHospital


Children?s Memorial Hospital

Address: 2300 Children?s Plaza  Chicago, IL  60614

Phone: (773) 880-4000

Website: www.childrensmemorial.org

Directions: For driving directions and publictransportation to Children?s, as well as maps and a virtual tour, go to www.childrensmemorial.org and click on ?For Patients and Families?on the header bar.  There is an excellentoverview of shuttles and cabs from the airport as well.

Parking: Parking is on Lincoln Avenue across from thehospital.  Parking is frequently limited,however there is complimentary valet parking in the garage once it isfull.  Once you park, cross the street tothe main hospital building. Make sure you get your parking validated so thatparking will be $4.00. You can also pull up in the breezeway of thebuilding and a valet will park your car for you and bring it to you uponleaving for $1 more (per day- if you are inpatient, just get your keys fromvalet and move your car to a parking space in the evening).



Ronald Mc Donald House

622W. Deming

Chicago, IL  60614


This?home away from home? is available to those traveling more than 25 miles toChildren?s. Reserve by calling the House directly or through the nursing orsocial work staff.


Kohl?s House

2422N. Orchard

Chicago, IL  60614


(askfor Michelle)

Thisfacility is available to families who have selected a transplant procedure fortheir child.  You can stay here duringany transplant related activity, such as stem cell harvest, transplantpreparation, or during the transplant process. More information about KH is available on the Children?s website.  Coordinate your stay by speaking with yourstem cell social worker or nurse.


Discounted Hotels

Thefollowing hotels offer discounted rates for families.  Mention that your child is a patient atChildren?s MemorialHospital when calling.

Children's Memorial shuttle service is available to select hotels.Please call the hospital's security services at 773.880.4223 to arrangetransportation.

?                    Belden-Stratford
2300 Lincoln Park West
Chicago, IL 60614

?                    Days Inn ? Lincoln ParkNorth
644 W. Diversey
Chicago, IL 60657

?                    Inn at Lincoln Park
601 W. Diversey
Chicago, IL 60657

Neighborhood inns

?                    The Willows
555 W. Surf
Chicago, IL 60657

?                    MajesticHotel
528 W. Brompton
Chicago, IL 60657

?                    City Suites Hotel
933 W. Belmont
Chicago, IL 60657

Downtown hotels

?                    MarriotResidence Inn
201 E. Walton




BeforeYou Arrive: Go to www.childrensmemorial.org and select ?For Patients and Families? for a wonderfulresource on the basics of the hospital and procedures.

What to Bring to Children?s for an Outpatient Clinic Visit (Clinic or Day Hospital)-

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Appointment information

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Doctor's name

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Department building name/location

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Name and telephone number of your referring physician

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Name and telephone number of family physician (if different from above)

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Insurance cards

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Insurance referral immunization record

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Medical or personal records (X-Rays, lab tests). If you are unsure of what to bring, please call the outpatient office you are scheduled to visit.

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A list of questions you may have for the physician. If your child is old enough, help him or her to add to the list too.

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Social security number of the patient and both parents (for insurance purposes)

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Child's birth certificate (if name has been legally changed)

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Another adult to assist you if you must bring other children

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Books, games, snacks, formula, diapers, change of baby clothes or other necessities. (Please do not bring food if your child must fast for testing.)

Sanitizing wipes if your child is immuno-supressed

-There is a great playroom in the waiting area for day hospital and clinic with volunteers.  Your child and/or any siblings can play here while waiting.  Anything from this playroom can be checked out during your stay at DayHospital as well.

-There are coffee, tea, and snacks available in the lobby for you and/or your child.  You can also order a meal for your child at Day Hospital.  Just ask your nurse for a menu.


What to Bring to theHospital for a Day Surgery Procedure

If your child is staying overnight, pack asuitcase with a change of clothing for yourself and your child.  Make sure your child has items that make themcomfortable, such as a favorite toy, blanket, or stuffed friend, game, or snackfor after surgery (nothing too spicy or greasy, as they will be nauseous fromanasthesia).  Also, pack an empty bottle,sippy cup, or cup to use after the surgery. The hospital can also provide one for you. Older children may bringheadphones or a hand-held game to help them relax.  TVs are available in all pre and post-oprooms.  DVDs available upon request.


Whatto Bring to the Hospital for an Inpatient Stay

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Infants/toddlers: favorite toys or item from home, familiar objects (toys, DVDs, and books are available at the hospital as well)

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School age/teenagers: books, magazines, cosmetics, school work , games (books, games, DVDs, CDs, and video games are available to check out at the hospital- just ask your nurse)

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Insurance and Medical Assistance Information (including subscriber and access cards)

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Name/phone # of your family physician & others involved in your child's care

Personal Care items for yourself and your child (there are limited basic items available if you forget)

Book, magazine, or laptop computer for yourself (all of which are available to check out at the hospital as well).  WiFi is available throughout the hospital.

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Family Services:

BrownFamily Life Center
The Brown Center is a fabulousplace for parents and siblings to relax. It is sometimes available to oncology patients, but check with yournurse first.  Usually germ controlprohibits 4 West patients from leaving the ward.  The BrownCenterhas a business center for parents, coffee, magazines and books, movies andvideo games, toys and activities, a teen center, and special programsthroughout the week.  It?s a great placeto step out and unwind a little.  Thereare also free massages- just ask in the Brown Centerand sign up on the weekly schedule.

ParentWISE- MAKE SURE YOU MEET SOMEONE FROM THIS PROGRAM WHILE YOU AREHERE! This program, which stands for Parent Wisdom In Shared Experience, is agroup of people who have had children going through treatment.  They can share your experiences and give youadvice about the hospital and procedures, as well as hope for your child?sfuture.  This is an amazing program!

Family Ambassador- This individual is a ?wealth of knowledge? about the hospital and canfill you in on anything and everything you need to know.  Ask your nurse or social worker who this is.  It is typically written in on the board inyour child?s room.

ChildLife Specialist- Heidi Thomalla- The staffof the Child Life Department help children, teens and family members cope withthe healthcare experience through developmentally appropriate activities forchildren, education about and preparation for medical procedures and throughemotional support. Heidi can also get your child on the schedule for an ART orMUSIC therapist.  There are several atthe hospital.  A great video is availableon the website: https://secure.childrensmemorial.org/parents/an-introduction-to-child-life-video.aspx

SocialWorker ?  The Social Workers willhelp you through any issues that arise, positive or negative, throughout yourstay.  They will help you managefinancial, emotional, organizational issues you might have.  Your social worker will vary depending onwhether or not your child is transplanting. Please contact the Family Services Department at 773-880-4485

ReligiousServices ? There are several chaplains available, but most prevalenton 4 West is Jim.  Contact him or anyother chaplain at 773-880-4005         

CaseManager- Because of the overwhelming nature of the bills your family may befacing, you can request a case manager to act as a liason between you, thehospital, and your insurance company. Sometimes one is automatically sent to meet you, regardless of yourfinancial or insurance situation.  Thisperson is very helpful and can help you as much or as little as you need. 

Otherservices available at the hospital to families and detailed on the websiteare:  Patient Relations, Interpreters,Educational Services, and Family and Child Advisory Boards

Inpatient Services:

Pharmacy-On the first floor by the C elevators

UnitPlayroom ? This playroom is specifically for 4 West patients and theirsiblings.  Please ask your nurse abouttimes, as it is volunteer run and times vary.

DVDsand Video Games-  You or your childcan check out DVDs and Video Games at the 4 West desk.  You can also rent a Video Game system orlaptop based on availability. 

InternetAvailability ? most rooms have wireless internet

ParentLounge- Just outside the door to 4 West. Talk with your nurse about a key. You can use the microwave and refrigerator, rent a locker for your extrastuff (as storage in the room can be limited) as well as two private restroomsand a private lounge.  You can requestthe private lounge for sleeping as long as you let your nurse know in advance.

ParentShower- This is a private shower room with toilet and sink right outsidethe doors to 4 West.  Talk with yournurse about securing a key.  There areparent showers on every inpatient floor, so if yours is full, go upstairs to 5or another inpatient floor.  5 isespecially nice.

ErrandSolutions-  This is a great service,located in the basement across the hall from the cafeteria.  There you can rent movies, drop off and pickup drycleaning, and receive help with other errands you may need while you arein town or in the building.  Ask in theoffice for a full range of services.

Sleeping? 2 parents are allowed to sleep on 4 West, however only one is allowed inthe room.  You can check out a cot orreserve the private room by speaking with your nurse.  The private room is nice, but truthfully ifthere aren?t a lot of people, the playroom is a much quieter place since peopleare coming in and out of the lounge all night to use the bathroom.

ATMand Stamps- Both are located next to the back entrance to the cafeteria inthe basement.


Cafeteria?  Located in the basement.  Offers a full salad bar with many uniquechoices, soup, pizza, full menu grill, daily lunch and dinner specials (usuallyhave a Southern cooking theme), soda, baked goods, fresh sandwiches and salads,fresh fruit and yogurt parfaits, nuts and sweets, ice cream, and vendingmachines

McDonald?s? Located in the basement.  If you letthem know your child is an oncology or stem-cell patient, and you request, theywill cook your food fresh.  Everyemployee, however, has been trained with very strict dietary rules and is verygood about making sure your child is safe.

Caf?-Located on the main level in the lobby (just past the gift shop).  Here they serve Starbucks coffee as well astea, eclectic snacks, and a variety of little gifts.  If your child has an audiology screening, heor she will undoubtedly fall in love with the ?moving aquarium? which can bepurchased here.

Orderingin the Room-  You can always order ameal for your child in the room.  If yourchild?s current situation does not allow you to leave (i.e. transplant), youcan also order a meal for yourself.  Justlet the person taking your order know that you are ordering two separatemeals.  You can always order alow-bacteria diet meal for your child while on transplant (they won?t let youorder anything else for them, but the menu is moderately varied).  You can always order from the regularmenu.  If there is something you wantthat is not on the menu, just ask.  Theycan send up special orders as well as portions of whatever is in the cafeteria,including specials of the day.

CruisingCart-  Several times a day, acruising cart of sandwiches and snacks comes around.  Ask your nurse about times for theday/week.  This is a great way to grab asnack without leaving your child.

Inside CMH:

GiftShop- Located on the main level in the lobby.  Here you can buy the traditional t-shirts,stuffies, balloons, crayons, etc. as well as unique jewelry or keepsakes.  Gifts can also be purchased here or online tosend up to a child?s room.

Caf?-Along with a great cup of tea or coffee, you will find some fun gifts here.

LobbyPlay Area- You can?t miss all the buttons and displays in the main lobbywhen you walk in.  Most kids will not beable to control themselves.  There isalso currently a mock patient room for the new hospital, coming in 2012.  Kids love to play in there, too.  It?s a great ?get acquainted? space beforeyou head upstairs.  Bring sanitizingwipes!

GardenCourtyard- Visible from the main lobby, this courtyard is a nice place toeat, sit, or play.  It has some funlittle animal statues hidden in the bushes for kids to find.  Lots of great trees and fresh air.  Many parents enjoy ?breaking? here duringtransplant, when you aren?t supposed to leave the hospital without showeringupon re-entry.  Access in the basementaround the back corridor.

Outside CMH

Chicago is an amazingcity, and there?s plenty to do if you?re in the position to venture farenough.  Check out www.cityofchicago.org for a greattourism guide.  Click on the blue tab atthe top ?Exploring Chicago?.  If you?rejust in the Lincoln Parkarea around the hospital, though, check out the following places to eat, shop,or relax.

1)    Grocery Store ? Dominicks- West on Fullerton Ave.

2)    Post Office ?  You may be able to do somebasic stuff in the hospital at Errand Solutions, but a full post office is onSheffield.  Go west on Fullertonto Sheffield, then north (right).  It?s a decent walk (half mile)

3)    Public Library- Walk west on Fullerton severalblocks.  Open every day but Sunday.  (312) 744-1926

4)    CVS- on Lincoln,north of hospital

5)    Clarkes- great sandwiches- north on Lincoln- about ? milewalk- worth the walk and the wait 

6)    Chipotle- South on Lincolntill you hit Orchard

7)    Nan?s Asian Food and Sushi- Across from the hospital on Lincoln- north of the garage

8)    America?s Dog Hot Dogs-Across from the hospital on Lincoln-south of the garage

9)    Spicy Pickle Soups, Salads, Sandwiches- Across from the hospital on Lincoln- south of thegarage- not for those with sensitive stomachs?

10)   Subway-North on Lincolnpast the McDonalds- next to CVS

11)   Swirlz- the very best cupcakes you have evertasted- next to Chipotle

12)   Great shopping on Halsted, south ofFullerton, or on Webster which intersects with Halsted and Lincoln down by Ozpark  The shopping is west of the park,though- great little stores and boutiques. Also a pleasant walk if you need to get away.  Clark Street (go east on Fullerton) is also a fun collection ofrestaurants and shops.  Make sure youcheck during transplant to see whether or not your child can go inside publicplaces.

13)  Walk east on Fullertonto the lake, or as you pass, to Lincoln Park Zoo (large and free!) or the NotebaertNatureMuseum.  There?s also a great harbor and lagoon towatch the boats, rowers, and ducks.

14)  Catch an ?El? Train (Elevated Train) to thecity or airports on Fullerton,west of the hospital, just before the Dominicks.  It?s reasonably priced and safe.  A train schedule, fares, and map can bedownloaded or viewed at http://www.transitchicago.com/maps/

 Stress Busters-    

?        DePaul University is across thestreet on Halsted and a pretty walk.

?        Oz Park is south of the hospital onWebster.  A great playground is herealong with sprawling areas to play Frisbee, read, or sit and relax.  During lunchtime, though, it may be crowdedwith high schoolers from the nearby school as they have off-campus lunch.

?        Park West Parkis a beautiful little park nestled on Wrightwood.  Walk north on Orchard to Wrightwood, turnwest (left) and walk about a block and a half. It?s tucked in on your lefthand (south) side so don?t miss it!  A nice alternative to sometimes crowded OzPark, especially if you?re staying at Kohl?s House during your transplant andyour child is very susceptible to germs.

?        Starbucks just south on Lincoln has a nice indoor atmosphere.

?        Origins on Halsted smells great and has bathproducts you can try in the store.  Ifyou ask, you may also receive a neck massage with some of their fantasticproducts.

?        Brown Family Life Center is an excellentplace to unwind or take siblings.

?        Catch a cup of coffee or a meal and take it tothe Garden Courtyard to be alone.

?        Walk east on Belding, all the way to LincolnPark Zoo if you want.  It?s a nice walk,and there are plenty of pretty homes to gaze at.  The same is true for Fullerton, but it?s not quite as peaceful.

?        The Lincoln Park Zoo is a wonderful, largezoo.  There are paddleboats and plenty ofplaces to tuck yourself in and have a quiet moment.  It?s also FREE!