Quuestion about post treatment


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05-28-09 01:08 PM
Quuestion about post treatment

Hi- My name is Katie, and my son Isaiah was diagnosed with stage 3, intermediate risk NB in Nov. 2008 when he was 8 months old.  He started chemotherapy immediatley after being diagnosed, and was no longer interested in eating.  Because of this, he missed the whole baby food stage, and transistioning to "big people" food.  During therapy he would take a bottle, and he wasn't loosing weight, so the Dr.'s were okay with that.  However, he is currently 15 months old and he has not been in the hospital or received any sort of treatment since Feb.  We are currently starting the process of our every 90 days scans.  Because of all of this, he still gets most of his nutrition from a bottle.  We have introduced cow's milk, and he is okay with that.  He will occasionally eat some mac and cheese, or a peice of toast, but he isn't eating enough to take away his formula and bottle yet.  He really has very little interest in food, and is always leery of what we are giving him.  Do any parents have any helpful hints to get him to eat better and wean him off of his bottle?  What about any healthy high calorie foods that little ones enjoy.  Isaiah is pretty small from his treatments so we like to make sure he is gaining weight.

Any ideas are welcome.  Thanks-


07-01-09 09:15 PM
Re: Quuestion about post treatment

I am not an expert in the children department, but I had a few ideas from when I was little.  By the way, I am a 30-year-old neurboblastoma survivor (I placed a posting earlier tonight about me).  I had a tumor wrapped around my heart and spine and was diagnosed at the age of 1...there was really nothing that could be done for me, so I became an experimental patient.  Anyway, my parents use to have to mix medications in various foods to give to me during treatment, and that gave me an idea for you.  You said you were concerned about Isaiah gaining weight (I too was VERY small for my age!!), and I was wondering if you ever considered mixing protein powder into oatmeal, applesauce, pudding, or different types of baby food for him.  Of course, you should probably discuss that with your doctor first, but that may help put some weight on the little guy if he would eat it.  Also, maybe there is some literature on the internet about transitioning a child from bottle feeding to "people food."  Try www.google.com or www.ask.com, where you can actually ask a question.  Finally, chocolate milk is higher in calories, and that can be put into his bottle!  Like I said, I am no expert with this, but these thoughts just occurred to me!