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06-02-09 11:00 AM

Not sure where to post this

 My daughter is now almost 6 and half... she was diagnosed in end April 08... we did the first 5 chemo rounds, surgery, 6th chemo round (with COG protocol ANBL0532)

 She had tumors in abdomen, and some in thorax, near her heart/lungs/aorta...

 For the stem cell transplant, she was randomized in the 1 transplant scenario

 Then, she had radiotherapy, 20 sessions

in end January 09, there were still tumors in her thorax, and some activity in abdomen

our doctor was trying to get us in the CH14.18 arm of the next step, but it was halted by FDA

her 100th post transplant was Feb 12th 

We were told last week, that she would never be elligible for Ch14.18 (and there didnt seem to be a possibility if there is relapse)

I was wondering if it was worth pushing to see if she's elligible for 3F8 at Sloan?

the last tests done in April showed no more activity in abdomen, thorax a bit active, but it could be because the thymus got bigger (we assume because it's hyperactive linked to immune system restarting).... her marrow is clean

The 6th and final accutane round starts on June 18th or 19th (finishing the 5th this Thursday)

 Thank you

 (sorry if certain words are not 100% exact, English is not my mothertongue)

 edit: forgot to mention, we are in Canada, Qu?bec Province...