Stem Cell Transplant Advice


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06-28-09 06:20 PM
Stem Cell Transplant Advice

My son is getting his 6th and final induction round of chemo this week, which means we are one month out from stem cell transplant. My husband and I went back and forth on whether to do the transplant in the beginning (based on MSKCC research), but we know we don't want any regrets and will do it. I know every transplant experience is different, but I would love some advice on what got your child through and what to expect. Jackson is 18 months today, and very active. He's done really well with chemo and his last scan showed no signs of his NB tumor, except a slightly enlarged lymph node (which Dr. believes could be scar tissue or an overcompensating node since it was 4 weeks post-surgery and lots of nodes were removed).


Jessica Bensten (mom to Jackson, 18 months, diagnosed 2/15/09 with Stage III, n-myc amplified)

06-28-09 11:09 PM
Re: Stem Cell Transplant Advice


My son had the triple tandem transplant at Childrens Memorial in Chicago.  Depending on where you go and how many transplants your child has, your experience will be somewhat different, but I'd be happy to talk to you about my son's experience.  I'll be home all day tomorrow and most of the day Tuesday.  Feel free to call or e-mail if you'd like to chat!

 Kate Perschon

mom to Drew- dx 11-06-07 stage IV n-myc amplified NED 04-02-08


06-29-09 02:12 PM
Re: Stem Cell Transplant Advice

Hey, J......

Braeden breezed through transplant, as much as is possible.  It's still awful....but I pray Jackson has the best possible experience.

Do you know yet which chemo drugs they will be using? I have some suggestions if he is getting the same combo that Bub had.

In any case, if Jackson isn't already, start him on Glutamine. You can get it at the health foods store (actually our hospital pharmacy has it, because our docs put kids on it right away). It's an amino acid that is important for building things like the mucous membrane in the digestive tract.  Braeden was on it the whole summer during treatment and I think it did wonders for him come transplant, he didn't have mucousitis nearly as bad as some kids I've seen, and I'm convinced this is why.  Our "neighbors" who went through translpant with us said the same thing about their little guy. Anyway, it's a powder with no taste and mixed just fine in juice twice a day...

Saying prayers for you all....hugs!!