Re: Adult just diagnosed Stage IV Neuroblastoma


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07-07-09 07:57 PM
Re: Adult just diagnosed Stage IV Neuroblastoma

My son was 20 when he relapsed and got "presumptive" approval for disability (SSDI) --only took a few months to hear back--and due to lack of resources (have to have less than $2000) he was eligible for SSI which automatically made him eligible for MA (medical assistance in MN) also called medicaid. After 2 years on MA he was "dumped" to medicare, but thankfully MA is still a secondary payer, and so he has no premiums, co-pays or deductibles. Everything Medicare denies, MA approves.We are extremely thankful for this arrangement and provision for a "destitute" college student--his travel, meals, and lodging are also reimbursed by the county. Now he is getting help to pay for school (he is still on treatment --now on oral chemo--for second relapse).

I never thought I would ever be dealing with "public" programs but I am so thankful for would have been devastating financially to us to pay for every thing the past 4 years (we are 200 miles from the hospital).