Graft Vs. NB effect from an Allogenic transplant?


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11-09-09 05:33 PM
Graft Vs. NB effect from an Allogenic transplant?

Here is a brief history on my son:

My three year old son Carter was dignosed with stage IV NB in June 2008. He went through the usual treatments, chemo, surgery, Autologous transplant and radiation. While on Accutane he relapsed on the brain and spinal covering in April 2009. He did full cranial-spinal radiation, chemos, and 8H9 at Sloan-Kettering to treat the CNS disease. In the middle of the 8H9 protocol we noticed a "bump" on Carter's jaw, and sadly it turned out to be more disease. He was no longer eligible to continue on the 8H9 study and was pulled off of it due to "disease progression." (Even though the progression was not on the brain.) Since the relapse on his jaw in September 2009, we have had Carter on oral Temadar and IV Irentotecan (5 days on, two weeks off). He also recieved radiation to his jaw. 

Carter will soon be finishing up with his last cycle of chemos. At that point we don't know what treatment to do next. I've been doing my best to research options, but nothing seems to hold much promise. I read of a couple of reports of children that had Allogenic bone marrow transplants and they experienced a "Graft Vs. Neuroblastoma" effect. In these cases the NB cells were killed off by the new donor stem cells. I don't know much about this and was wondering if anyone else had heard of this Graft Vs. NB effect? Can it really happen? What are the chances it would work? Has anyone heard of a case(s) of this before? If anyone has any information, or knows of any articles about Allogenic transplants with NB please share them with me. I want to know if this is a treatment option worth considering. If not, what other treatment options would you suggest for a child with recurrent NB? Thank you!



11-10-09 07:13 AM
Re: Graft Vs. NB effect from an Allogenic transplant?

Has this anything to do with NK (Natural Killer) cells?

 I think I read something about this while searching for options for my daughter. I'll try to find it for you.  Just in case I am not fast enough, it was on

 You also might want to look at NANT.


11-25-09 11:03 AM
Jennifer Click
Re: Graft Vs. NB effect from an Allogenic transplant?

Hi Wanda,

I know there was a single case in Japan where a child underwent an allo transplant that seemed to work, but I also know another family that tried the allo transplant with their son (based on the experience in Japan) and it did not work.  I am not aware of any studies documenting a "graft vs. NB effect" that works as allo transplants do in leukemia patients.

Have you discussed the NK cell strategy w/Dr. Cheung?  Could that be an option for Carter?  Is 3F8 ruled out since he progressed on 8H9, or is that a possibility if he reaches NED again?  What about the vaccine trial at MSK?  If Carter is NED after chemo you might want to look into ABT-751 at CHOP, that seems to be working well for some kids that 3F8 did not work for.

I'm sure MSK docs will have something to offer after chemo ends -- they know that Carter will need to continue some sort of therapy to keep the beast away.

Best wishes,

Jen Click (Carolyn's mom -- dx 1/03 stage IV NB, NED 7/03, OT 10/04)