HAMA positive - options??


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01-08-10 06:59 AM
HAMA positive - options??

 Hi all

My son is 19 months old and was diagnosed at 6 months old with stage 4 MYC-N. He's responded well to treatment and is currently NED. He's being treated in the UK and is on the European protocol. At the time, the 14.18 antibodies were not available in the UK so I felt we had no other option other than MSKCC and 3F8. He started antibodies on day 104 post transplant and had his first cycle in October and then again in November but tested HAMA positive after this. He had another HAMA test last week and is still positive. We are going back to MSKCC for rituximab and cyclophosphamide. Has anyone had any experiance of this? Did it work? Are there long term side affects?

Joshua has only had 2 cycles and I am desperate for him to have as many as possible.

Any advice would be really apprecaited

Thanks, Amy

01-19-10 09:23 PM
Jennifer Click
Re: HAMA positive - options??


You might want to post on the ACOR (www.acor.org) neuroblastoma list about rituximab.  I don't think there are many MSK families on this list, but I know a few are on the ACOR list. From what I hear, the rituximab treatment is pretty well-tolerated.  When my daughter was treated at MSK (7 years ago) they didn't have that treatment. The advances that have been made are truly amazing.

 Wishing you all the best,

Jen Click (mom of Carolyn, dx Jan 2003, NED July 2003, off treatment Oct 2004; treated @ MSKCC)

01-24-10 09:53 AM
Re: HAMA positive - options??

Dear Amy

My son Tomas (9 years old, Stage IV, Dx 6/08) is being treated also @ MSKCC.

After having 5 round of 3F8 he tested positive for HAMA. He had to receive Ritux twice to lower the HAMA. I can tell you my son tolerated it pretty well. I was told that for some kids the Ritux works quick, but with Tomi we had to wait longer before we resume treatment. No hair loss at all neither bad late effects. I would tell you not to feel anxious about it.

Wish you all the best


03-13-10 03:29 PM
Re: HAMA positive - options??

 Hi Lony

Many thanks for your reply. Joshua had the treatment last month and no problems at all with toleration. I'm disappointed though as his HAMA blood test this week showed that he is still testing positive. To be fair it's only been 4 weeks but MSKCC haven't given me any indication how long it can take to go down.

Did Tomas' HAMA go down after the first treatment? How soon after the first Ritux did he receive the second lot? Did it work and how many 3F8 cycles did he have after the HAMA??

Sorry for all the questions but there's not many people to ask!

Best wishes