CH 14. 18 Antibody


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01-16-10 06:12 PM
CH 14. 18 Antibody

My 3 1/2 boy Jesse has stage IV neuroblastoma. We have been through 6 rounds of chemo, radiation, surgery, stemcell transplant, accutain and now going through ch 14. 18 antibody and had to stop treatment due to a severe allergic reaction during the 3rd cycle which was a severe cough. The docs did not want his airway to close up. So now we cannot proceed with any more treatments because it is too dangerous. We are being treated at Childrens hospital in Boston Ma, has any body heard about this reaction? Jesse has no evidence right now and we want to remain that way!  He did receive about 7 to 8 infusions of antibody. But there is no evidence on how much you really need to be helpful. We hope and pray he got enough!!! Doe's any knows anything about antibody or of had any experience with it?   Thankyou