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02-08-10 07:40 AM

 hello i"m from POland my four year old son fell ill with adrenal neuroblastoma tumorcoming out of the metastases, and abdominal lymph nodes in the neck had8 cycles of chemistry, two operations MIBG autograft 07 grudnia 2009now look forward to photoperiod and Roaccutanne we reflect on what isthe cost of 3F8 treatment, how long it takes how much consultation isit worth going? live in Poland, I apologize for my English

02-13-10 09:59 PM
Jennifer Click
Re: 3f8

To get the visa to come to the US for treatment you need about $300,000 -- this is required by the US State Dept. (not by Sloan-Kettering).

There is a section on the Sloan-Kettering website with information for International patients: http://www.mskcc.org/mskcc/html/3226.cfm

Hope this helps,

Jen Click

Carolyn's mom (dx stage iv nb, Jan. 2003, NED July 2003, off-treatment Oct. 2004 -- 7 years EFS)

03-13-10 03:46 PM
Re: 3f8


I'm from England and we've been travelling to New York for 3F8 for my 1 year old son. We contacted the International Centre at Memorial Sloan Kettering and they advised us that the deposit required for the 3F8 antibodies was $250,000 which we transferred.

I don't know about Poland but we didn't need to get a visa. I think you can stay in America for 3 months before you need to get a visa but please check this out. We travel to New York for 1 week every month for first 2 months then the treatment is every 8 weeks.

We started treatment in October 2009.

I hope this helps - Good luck