just diagnosied


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03-11-10 08:16 PM
just diagnosied

hello.  My 8 month old baby boy, Alexander, was just diagnosed with a neuroblastoma.  We are in such a state of shock right now.  A week ago, we were told it looked like an intestinal malrotation.  that was bad enough, three days later they found the mass.   He had his biopsy today and once they results are complete we will start treatment.  He is just so little!!!!! =(

03-13-10 09:09 PM
Re: just diagnosied


 So sorry to hear about Alexander.  You'll certainly find parents here who can relate

.  My Beatrice was six months old when she was diagnosed with stage 4 intermediate risk neuroblastoma.  She's now 19 months, and she's doing well.  She's finished her chemo and surgery, and she's finishing up her accutane at the end of April.  This is a great site to explain to you what to expect.  The parents here are also great about answering questions.  I remember the first week when we had to deal with the shock, the biopsies, the scans, the not knowing what's ahead.  I wanted to crawl out of my skin and scream until my head exploded...  The waiting is hell.  Hopefully, you'll get some news quickly, and hopefully it will be encouraging news.

 I remember thinking that Beatrice is too little for this.  But neuroblastoma hits little kids. Also, while I don't want you to take this as any type of guarantee, the fact that he's little is actually is a favourable factor for good outcomes.

 If you need someone to talk to, you can email me at julie_gough@yahoo.com