2010 Neuroblastoma Conference for Parents and Caregivers


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03-13-10 04:18 PM
2010 Neuroblastoma Conference for Parents and Caregivers

July 8 ? 10, 2010

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Dr. Nai-Kong Cheung answering questions at the CNCFs' Neuroblastroma Conference

One complimentary hotel room is available free of charge for each night of the 3 night stay for families meeting the criteria. The CNCF and private donors have made funds available to cover the costs of lodging for guests meeting any 1 of the following 3 conditions. Complimentary rooms are available on a first come-first serve basis.

  • You are currently the Primary Caregiver of a child that has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma and is currently in active treatment and you are unable to pay for your lodging.
  • You are the Primary Caregiver of a child that is now deceased and you are attending the session for angel parents and you are unable to pay for your lodging.
  • You are in financial need. You are the primary caregiver of a child that has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma that is not in active treatment. The CNCF takes into account an individual's financial, medical, and insurance situation when determining who is eligible for assistance.

If you do not meet the criteria above or you do not qualify for financial assistance you will be responsible for your lodging. The CNCF has acquired a rate of $109.00 per night plus taxes. All reservations must be made through the CNCF website. As you proceed through the registration/reservation process you will be given the option of payment method for your hotel room each night of the conference, either a "Complimentary Room" or "I will pay." Please only select "Complimentary Room" if you qualify. For those families who are able to pay for their own room, they are available at a discounted rate of $109 + taxes and fees.

The NB conference is a time to come together as one and share a relaxing time away with others who understand your situation.

Check-in at the hotel will be on Thursday, July 8, 2010 at 3:00 pm and check-out will be on Sunday, July 11, 2010 at 12:00 pm noon.

All registrations and reservations for the conference dates of July 8th, July 9th and July 10th are to be made online via Hyatt's PassKey system. These link will be provided once you have completed your conference registration.

If, however, you will be arriving a day earlier, July 7, 2010, or staying an additional night, July 11, 2010, you will have to call the Hyatt directly for these reservations and they are subject to availability. The Hyatt has agreed to the discounted rate of $109 + taxes and fees for these dates.

Activities will be provided in the "KIDS ROOM" for children 12 years old and younger while the parents are attending the meetings. Children older than 12 and those younger than 12 not wanting to participate in the "KIDS ROOM" are the responsibility of the parents.

Children playing in the teen room at the CNCF's Neuroblastoma Conference

Please keep in mind many of our children are still in treatment and their immune systems are suppressed. If your child has a cold, the flu, chicken pox, or any other contagious disease, we ask that you do not allow them to join in the activities of the "KIDS ROOM." Or if your child has recently been vaccinated with a live virus they also should not participate in the "KIDS ROOM."

Thank you and we hope to see you soon.


*Room rates and applicable taxes and fees will be paid for by CNCF. All other incidental charges, movie rentals, room service, etc are the responsibility of the guest.