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04-12-10 11:11 AM

My 9 month old son Alexander just had his second round of Chemo.  (Stage 4 Intermediate risk)  A few days prior he was having trouble moving his bowels.  After a KUB they determined he had typhlitis.   Anyone else have this problem? Did it happen more than once??  He has been NPO and on TPN since the found it.


thank you



04-26-10 04:52 PM
Re: Typhlitis??

Hi Nancy,

My son had it a month after his operation and 6th chemo (which was very hard on him). He was NPO and on TPN and is currently on TPN since he didn't recover his belly issues (but shows interest in feeding) but his typhlitis resolved with sucktion tube, being NPO for a month, and antibiotics. It initaially resolved and turned in pheumatosis. He is doing fine now. He however, did not start his NG tubes since this happened (6 months ago), so I hope your little boy does better. Make sure to ask the doctors to do a CT scan to veryfy that is gone completley before forcing feeds on him. Hope this helps,

Daniel's mom