NB in brain region.. Anyone else familiar?


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02-13-12 02:21 PM
NB in brain region.. Anyone else familiar?
My nephew was diagnosed with NB when he was 20 months old. The tumor was on the right side of his face and the tumor had grown fingerlike projections that were at his brain. He did chemotherapy, radiation, and had a stem cell transplant. He was in remission only a few months before another tumor appeared on the left side of his face, near his eye. He again went through chemotherapy and radiation. The chemotherapy was working very well, until last week when he had a scan and it showed the tumor was growing downward. The doctors have no more treatment options for him, and I was wondering if anyone was in a similar position or knows where more options are available. We are in PA, and were going to Hershey Medical Center and he was also seen at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.