10 day old baby stage III nueroblastoma


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12-02-07 10:18 AM
10 day old baby stage III nueroblastoma

My grand niece who is 10 days old was just diagnosed with Stage III Nueroblastoma.  The tumor has already destryoyed her 3 of her ribs.  They are doing a biopsy this morning and supposedly starting chemo also today.  The tumor is the size of a tennis ball, and extremely close to her spind so that it cannot be surgically removed.  Monday they are doing a nuclear medical study to see if there are any other tumors. 

This has devastated my niece.  What is the prognosis for this type of cancer?  Should we be preparing ourselves for the worst but praying for the best?

12-04-07 11:26 AM
Re: 10 day old baby stage III nueroblastoma


Tell your neice that there is hope and the prognosis can be good even if your in the high risk group. I to know how she feels I was very devastated but thing are going  good so far with Adriana's treatment. It takes time to soak it all in.  I still am tring to myself. Take it day by day and ask alot of questions. For me reading has been very helpfull and also finding this sight has been really helpfull to. There are other mom's here I keep in touch with and it has been great support. You can have your neice e-mail me at kam_913@hotmail.com  or you can find us at www.caringbridge.com/visit/adrianagunty

Good luck with your scans/biopsy and  I will keep all in my prayers...

12-11-07 02:11 AM
Re: 10 day old baby stage III nueroblastoma
So sorry to hear about your great-neice.  My son was diagnosed at 10 weeks with stage IV nueroblastoma, his is also in his chest.  He has recieved four rounds of chemo and will be having surgery the day after Christmas.  Your grand neice has a very good prognosis.  stage III means that it cannot be removed with surgery, but it hasn't spread, and because of her age, she should do really well.  My little guy takes his chemo like it was nothing!  He is doing extremely well.  I think that you should definantly pray for the best... and preparing for the worst may be a good idea, just don't make it the focal point.  There are good days and bad :)  I hope that all goes well for you!  My email is melaniejoe@gmail.com if you ever need anyone to talk to.  Good luck!

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11-28-12 05:29 AM
re: 10 day old baby stage III nueroblastoma
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