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Green Then Gone
Last year after contemplating several ways to raise money for children with Neuroblastoma, I decided to color my hair green for St. Patrick's Day and then allow the contributors a chance to design several hairstyles for me to wear, which eventually led to a shaved head. The Green then Gone fundraiser was born. With the success of last year's fundraiser, I decided it was time to expand the green this year. I sent out an invitation to join the green hair team to my co-workers and received several replies. So, for this year's St. Patrick's Day, twelve of us showed up for work with various shades of green hair. The Manic Panic people in New York graciously donated all hair products, the Horizon shirt company in Wichita provided all participants commemorative T-shirts, and several local hair stylists mixed it all together to create some great looking green doos. Since several of the women that participated requested the non-shaved head option, the rules of what gone really meant were...adjusted, though several of us went for the full cue ball look anyway. We raised $9,000 dollars this year which all went to the CNCF to help find a cure and support children and families battle this disease. Now that this year's fundraiser is completed, it's time to think about other ways to expand the green hair. Though my stepson Justin Gray has finished his battle with neuroblastoma, my wife Dona and I will continue to battle for those that are currently fighting and to keep as many children as possible from having to fight. Join us in the battle next year and help us spread the green as we try to rid this world of neuroblastoma.
Who will be the next one to join Patrick?  Maybe you?