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License Plates
Governor George Ryan signed into law SB 2185 authorizing a "Stop Neuroblastoma" license plate. The issuance of this license plate is a major victory for our children. It has shown the vision and willingness of the Governor and General Assembly to take the next step to help us win our battle.

In June 2001, Pat Tallungan, President of Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation, met with Representative Carole Pankau and Senator Doris Karpiel to discuss having a license plate that would recognize the children who are diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. A short meeting and a couple of letters led to the introduction of this very important legislation. We would like to thank them, Governor Ryan and members of the General Assembly for their efforts and express our greatest appreciation for their belief in our cause.

I am proud to be a part of this state-wide awareness campaign that acknowledges the courage of these children, some of whom have lost their battle while others bravely continue to fight. It is for Nick, Jacob, Steven, Patrick, Sarah, Sammy, Daniel, Francesca, Joshua, Michael, Cody, Kristin, Tyler, Jared, but to name a few.

This legislation requires that we obtain 850 pre-sold orders or interested people before they will be issued. You need only to contact the Secretary of State's office and have your name put on the list. Once we have reached our goal of 850, the Secretary of State will send out a letter/application for the issuance of the plate.

You can call, write or email the Secretary of State's office at:

Secretary of State
501 S. Second St., # 312
Springfield, IL 62756
Attn: Joyce
Phone: 217-785-3000 (Press 1 for Administrative Services)

Please tell your friends, relatives and co-workers about this wonderful way to support our kids.

The cost for the first time purchase is $54. This is for those who have already renewed their standard plates. The annual renewal fee is $105. A portion of the first time fee and $25 of the renewal fee will go into a fund to be paid as a grant to the American Cancer Society for Neuroblastoma education and research.