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CNCF was created in 2000 by the family and friends of Nick Tallungan, who at 10 years old, lost his courageous battle with neuroblastoma. One brave child motivated us to make a difference – for all families affected by this disease. Today, CNCF is a global foundation representing hundreds of families. Our mission: to help fund a cure for neuroblastoma. Through the generous donations of the business community, families and friends, we create resources for families, educate the public and drive greater awareness – and funding – for neuroblastoma. We provide a forum for patients and families to share their experiences. Our national educational programs bring together clinicians, researchers and medical experts to support our mission.where you are in your neuroblastoma journey.

A Word from Patricia Tallungan, CNCF Founder and President


Before neuroblastoma, we were a normal family just like yours: three young boys, two parents working full-time jobs and a mortgage that we could barely pay. We were always on the run, with little time to sit down and have a hot cooked meal together.

Our middle son, Nick, had been complaining his back hurt. He was six at the time. We figured it was no big deal, assuming he was having normal aches and pains associated with growth. Unfortunately, that turned out, not to be the case. After a visit to the pediatrician, and some concerns that required an x-ray, our world was forever changed. Nick was diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

We had never heard of neuroblastoma before nor did anyone else we spoke to. That’s when our mission to bring awareness to this disease began.

For four years we struggled with our emotions and watched Nick endure countless chemotherapy treatments, radiation, stem cell transplant and surgeries. But in the end, neuroblastoma beat this feisty and determined little boy. At the age of 10, Nick lost his courageous battle.

We learned a lot in the four years Nick was in treatment and much more during our moments of grief.

We learned that we, as parents, were the ones who needed to take charge and make neuroblastoma a word that the community became familiar with and a disease that people would rally around and do something about. We created the Children’s Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation to help achieve this goal.

We turned our passion, energy and focus into perpetuating hope and not seeking sympathy. Turning our fears into determination and changing our tears to smiles. These have been our trademarks since the beginning.

CNCF is not Nicky’s foundation, nor is it our foundation for Nick. It is your foundation. It exists so you can find answers to your questions; to provide the latest information and resources to arm you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions; to facilitate connections with other neuroblastoma families as well as the leading specialists in the field; and to share neuroblastoma events and campaigns that will allow us to raise the necessary funds to make a difference – to find a cure. CNCF represents all of the families and all of the children who have been stricken with neuroblastoma worldwide.

Research, education and awareness are the key components to facilitate change. Hundreds of families have joined the CNCF cause, playing a vital role in helping give neuroblastoma a louder, stronger voice in the medical community and in neighborhoods and schools worldwide. We have much to be proud of and much more work to do. We need your support as an advocate for both CNCF and neuroblastoma to achieve our goals.

With your support, and that of the business and medical community, we can achieve better outcomes for children with neuroblastoma, those who have survived the rigors of treatment and those who have yet to be diagnosed. CNCF stands ready to provide the tools and resources necessary to achieve our goal of finding a cure. Hope unites, inspires and defines us!

A cure is within reach.

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