Fundraising Ideas

Things you can do to support CNCF and our mission of finding a cure for neuroblastoma through research funding, educational programs and awareness.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Start your own Peer to Peer Fundraising Page  – Go to CNCF Hope - Campaign (  Where hope unites us.

Coins 4 Kids

Coins 4 Kids – Hold a Coins4Kids week at your school.  Ask your classmates to gather up all of their loose change for a week or a month and donate it to CNCF.  What an easy way to raise money for neuroblastoma research, education and awareness programs.  You can print off the attached flyer to encourage everyone to participate.

Car Wash CNCF

Hold a car wash.  Did you know that if you raised $500 you could help to bring a family to the annual CNCF education conference?

CNCF Dodgeball

Hold a dodge ball tournament at your school.  We have even written up instructions to walk you through the planning of one.  What a great time this is!  And maybe invite a celebrity in your area to be your guest of honor.

CNCF Smencils

Sell Smencils at your school.

CNCF Lemonade Stand

Have a lemonade, kool-aid or snow cone stand.

CNCF Lunch for Life

Hold a Lunch for Life™ day at your school or business. Donate your lunch money to CNCF for the Lunch for Life™ campaign. Or ask a neighborhood restaurant if they would donate a percentage of their sales for a day to CNCF. Contact us at [email protected] to get your customized poster and handouts.

CNCF Garage Sale

Hold a block garage sale and donate a portion to CNCF.

CNCF Bake Sale

CNCF Bake Sale, examples are, cookies, candies, brownies, cake balls, cupcakes, cakes (whole or slices), pies, cobblers, bread loaves, muffins, Chex Mix/snack items, a few sugar free or gluten free items, etc.  

Message CNCF

We have simple donation cards that can be posted in a public place for a small donation. And posters to go along with it..  Contact us at [email protected] to order your donation cards.

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