How Donations are Spent

How your dollars are spent:

From day one, CNCF has been committed to funding critical research projects at hospitals & institutions across the country that specialize in neuroblastoma. It is our firm belief by funding all areas of research from basic science which tends to be overlooked by many charities to clinical trials that bring the laboratory work to the patient.

CNCF has partnered with the top researchers from New York to Los Angeles. Our medical advisory board provides the review and guidance necessary to choose projects that will move research along at a faster pace. We have funded over $2.5 million in research.

In 1995 when our son, Nick was diagnosed there was very little information available to us so we could make informed choices about his treatment. That was the driving force behind our annual Parent & Caregiver Educational Conferences. How do we get the best information and resources to the parents during a time when they are struggling with the day-to-day traumas of diagnosis and treatment?

The best information should come directly from the source, the doctors themselves. And the best way to meet other parents going through the same experience as you, is by being with them. The parent conference is a unique forum that accomplishes both.
It was important for us to make sure all families had the opportunity to come to the conference. We didn’t want financial constraints to hold them back from coming. So CNCF underwrites many of the conference expenses through fundraising events and corporate sponsorships. We have sponsored nearly 2,000 adults and children. But we can do more with your help.

The year 2020 will go down in history as one of the most challenging in modern history. With the COVID-19 pandemic raging through every country in the world, CNCF found a way to continue with our annual parent education conference by partnering with 2 other charities to offer a virtual global parent education conference reaching over 700 attendees from over 40 countries. An amazing feat put together with a group of dedicated individuals and companies providing important resources for the families in need.

Our parent handbook is always available online for all families to read and download. (link to handbook).

Hope Unites Us!

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