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2023 Parent Education Conference

Dr. Ami Desi start 4:22-52:52
Dr. Sara Federico start 53:28-1:44
Dr. Mark Applebaum start 2:07-2:47
Dr. Liz Sokol start 2:47-3:19
Dr. Paul Sondel start 4:38-5:19
Dr. Andras Heczey start 5:20-5:59
Dr. Michael Barbato start 6:22-6:52
Dr. Kristin Smith start 6:52-7:47
Dr. Kelly Goldsmith start 16:07-1:13
Dr. Shahab Asgharzadeh start 1:30-1:57
Dr. Valerie Brown start 2:14-3:03
Dr. Kim Kramer start 3:03-3:42
Dr. Araz Marachelian start 4:47-5:28
Kate Perchon, Survivor Drew's story start 5:36:28-5:57
NB Survivor Paige Zikmund start 5:57-6:05

2022 Parent Education Conference

Dr. Meg Macy, drug development process
Dr. Keri Streby, Oncolytic virotherapy

Dr. VanHorn Gatlin, guilt in the treatment selection process

Dr. Leonid Metelitsa NKT cell-based immunotherapies
Dr. Araz Marachelian, NANT trials
Dr. Yanik, Curie Scores & MIBG therapy – its current role in NB
Dr. Ami Desai, NB Basics and intro to Neuroblastoma

Survivor Stories 2022

Dr. Kate Matthay, COG & tomorrow’s treatments

2020 & 2021 Neuroblastoma Parent Global Symposium (NPGS)

2020 Neuroblastoma Parent Global Symposium (NPGS) videos now on youtube!

On 6-7 Nov the NPGS brought together over 750 registrants from 46 countries to participate in live presentations from 36 experts on the latest information on biology, treatment, research, late effects, and psychosocial challenges.

Free access to 25+ hours of recorded sessions can be viewed here

Conference Videos 2019

Dr Ami Desai, Intro to NB
Dr Ro Bagatell, COG Update
Dr. Furman, Chemoimmunotherapy
Dr. Rani George, Transplant
Dr. Andrea Flynn, DFMO
Dr Goli Mostouffi Moab, Endocrine issues NB survivors
Dr Hillary VanHorn Gatlin, PTSD
Dr. Ami Desai, NANT
Dr. Mark Hughes, NB Survivor
Johnny L., NB Survivor
Dr. Jason Shohet, Immunotherapy & NB
Avi Asher, NB Survivor

Conference Videos 2018

Dr. Paul Sondel, What is the next generation of Immunotherapy
Dr. Mike Hogarty, Developing DFMO for treatment
Dr. Yael Mosse, Evolution of Precision Medicine
Dr. Araz Marachelian, New approaches to Neuroblastoma
Dr. Stephen Sands, Learning Issues for NB survivors/neuropsych
Dr. Ruth Ladenstein, Treatment of Hig-Risk Neuroblastoma in Europe

Conference Videos 2016

Dr. Holger Lode, Immunotherapy--current studies and results
Click here for video

Dr. Tim Cripe, Oncolytic virus therapy update
Click here for video

Stephen Sands PhD, Neuropsych issues facing survivors of NB
Click here for video

Dr. Clay Gustafson, Update on NANT trials
Click here for video

Dr. Sara Federico, St Jude updates and a new pilot study for high risk NB for COG
Click here for video

Dr. Tara Henderson, New studies for late effects
Click here for video

Conference Videos 2015

Survivor Reese Little 2015 CNCF Conference
Click here for video

Survivor Greg Giller 2015 CNCF Conference
Click here for video

Dr. Giselle Sholler, Update on NMTRC trials
Click here for video

Dr. Keri Streby,  Getting to Know Clinical Trials
Click here for video

Dr. Danielle Friedman, Late effects discussion
Click here for video

Dr. Navin Pinto ,Overview of NB, Staging and Statistics
Click here for video

Jared Border survivor speech
Click here for video

Dr. Yael Mosse, Adult NB and new clinical trial for relapsed NB
Click here for video

Dr. John Maris speaks on the topic of  "What is or isn’t personalized medicine?"
Click here for video

Dr. Araz Marachelian speaks about NANT trials
Click here for video

Conference Videos 2014

Dr Brian Weiss speaks about MIBG as part of upfront therapy
Click here for video

Dr. Goli Mostouffi-Moab speaks about Late effects/Endocrine issues
Click here for video

Jay Ferrick and Emily Ware Survivor Stories
Click here for video

Dr. Nilay Shah & Dr. Keri Streby speak about Oncolytic Virus Therapy update/use of molecular biomarks for improved prognosis and therapeutic evaluation.
Click here for Dr. Nilay Shah video
Click here for Dr. Keri Streby video

Dr. Kate Matthay speaks about NANT
Click here for video

Dr. Darrell Yamashiro and Dr. Navin Pinto speak about Personalized medicine-what testing can be done?
Click here for Dr. Darrel Yamashiro video
Click here fro Dr. Navin Pinto video

Carolyn Coveney Survivor Story
Click here for video

Dr. Jason Shohet speaks about Cancer Stem Cells: new treatment opportunities.
Click here for video

Conference Videos 2013

Dr Araz Marachelian update on new approaches to Neuroblastoma Therapy (NANT)
Click here for video

Dr. Susan Cohn, Understanding clinical trials
Click here for video

Dr. Rupert Handgretinger, Haplo Stem Cell
Click here for video

Dr. Keri Streby, Nationwide Children's Virus Therapy Update
Click here for video

Dr. Paul Sondel, Immunotherapy
Click here for video

Dr. Sam Volchenboum,  INRG Database
Click here for video

Dr. Giselle Sholler, Update on NMRTC studies
Click here fo video

Hillary Van Horn Glatin, Emotional strains of childhood cancer
Click here for video

Conference Videos 2010

Transplant discussion with Dr. Chung, Dr. Greg Yanik, Dr. Yamashiro and Dr Ellen Bolotin presentation Managing Neuroblastoma: Promise or practice.

Part #1

Part #2

Part #3 

Dr. Michael Burke

CNCF Conference Testimonial

Dr. Giseele Sholler

Conference Videos 2008

Conference Videos 2004

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