A solid tumor cancer that arises in immature nerve cells and strikes primarily infants and children. It is the most common cancer affecting infants with an incidence rate of almost double that of leukemia. Its cause is unknown. Its impact is monumental.

This is our story and the story of our families.

You might just see yourself in them.


It all began with Nick

Then 12-year old Mike Tallungan was in art class at school. Students were asked to paint a picture of something significant to them. During this time his younger brother, Nick, had relapsed with neuroblastoma. Mike painted his picture and the teacher called to tell me what he had done as she was in amazement and the story behind it. I had no idea what she was talking about. She sent home a miniature version of his painting.

That night I looked at it and I too was in amazement looking at it and knowing why he did what he did. The figure on the top is “Nick” with his hands on his stomach as he is in pain. The lightning bolts and slashes are showing his pain. The figure on the bottom represents myself and his dad as we are worried and scared. The other symbols signify our minds are in a whirl we don’t know what to do next.

The sun in the middle means everything will get better. The painting is called “The Struggle” because there are so many questions and not always answers.

It represents the hope that unites us all.

— Pat Tallungan
Founder & President

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