After Neuroblastoma Treatment


The day has finally arrived. Neuroblastoma treatment has ended for your child and no evidence of disease (NED) can be detected. Hope is restored, but with a new sense of caution. While the worst is certainly behind you, it is important to seek support if and whenever it’s needed. The enduring stress pediatric cancer – neuroblastoma – treatment creates can have long-term physiological and psychological impacts on both the patient and their families long-after treatment has ceased. In addition, neuroblastoma patients often suffer from late effect health issues as a result of treatment, the most often of which includes hearing loss.

Not all neuroblastoma patients, unfortunately, experience NED. Despite waging courageous battles, some children don’t survive treatment. For parents and families who lose a child to neuroblastoma, CNCF offers unwavering support. On this page we offer an abundance of expert resources to provide assistance and support. The CNCF Annual Conference also includes a dedicated tract for “Angel” parents to provide emotional support and resources on a wide variety of topics, including marital and sibling grief topics. You will also find links to various neuroblastoma and pediatric cancer forums and blogs throughout the Website, facilitating a path for bereaved families to reach out to other families dealing with the loss of a child for information and support. Hope heals.


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